Baby Led Weaning Foods



  • At the start of the process the baby is allowed to reject food, and it may be offered again at a later led weaning foods
  • The child is allowed to decide how much it wants to eat. No “fill-ups” are to be offered at the end of the meal with a spoon.
  • The meals should not be hurried.
  • Sips of water are offered with meals.
  • Initially, soft fruits and vegetables are given. Harder foods are lightly cooked to make them soft enough to chew on even with bare gums.
  • Foods with clear danger, such as peanuts, are not offered.
  • Non-finger-foods, such as oatmeal and yogurt, may be offered with a spoon so the baby can learn to self-feed with a spoon.

Baby led weaning basically skips the whole puree stage and gives your baby soft and edible foods. BLW foods should be soft-cooked and mashed into small manageable pieces. Babied can also try eating a hunk of apple, or go the route of soft cooked apple pieces. It is up to the parents discretion to decide what types of foods they want their baby to have.

The foods that are given to your baby are supposed to be eaten without having to be pureed and without having to be spoon fed. You do baby led weaning foodsthe cooking, the cutting or mashing and the offering of the foods and your baby does the rest.  It is important to note that your baby should be in control of what he is eating and you should never actually feed him by putting the foods into his mouth!