Baby Laundry Detergent


As a first time mom, I washed all of my son’s clothes from the start in Dreft. Even before he arrived home from the hospital, his blankets and numerous outfits smelled like that pink capped laundry detergent. As he got a little older, I began to peruse the free and clear selection of laundry detergents at my grocery store. As it turns out, Dreft is not only the most expensive of all the laundry detergents that are geared toward babies, but it also is not free and clear of dyes and perfumes! Dreft contains perfumes to give it that heavenly scent. For babies with skin conditions such as eczema, perfumes are a big no-no as they cause skin rashes and other disturbances.

My investigation of ingredients and price per ounce of baby laundry detergents led me to a different selection of detergent. Currently I am using Purex free and clear, in the white bottle. I can buy it for a 4 cent/ounce value at my local store. Purex also make a line for babies. It is slightly more expensive and comes in a much smaller bottle than the Purex free and clear. Almost every major laundry company makes a line of dye and perfume free products.

I think it is good to be aware of the other options out there to wash your baby’s clothes in. If your baby does not have skin sensitivities, Dreft is still a good choice. If you are looking to save money, there are other less known options out there that will do the same job and perhaps even get stains out better. I noticed that the Purex removes stains more easily for me. For those tough stains, I use the perfume and dye free version of Oxi-Clean with the neon green lid. Below is a list of my favorite products due to value and efficiency as well as other acceptable baby detergents.


 For bad stains I throw a scoop of this into the washing machine. It will get out anything from a prune juice stain to a diaper blow out mess. I think this is new. I just noticed the addition of the free and clear line at my local store.

 This is my favorite detergent. I actually wash all of my family’s clothes in it with my child’s as it is very effective. I have currently ditched Wisk and gone solely to this. This detergent is the cheapest one I have tried, and it costs 4 cents/ounce at my local store


These are all of the other acceptable detergents for babies that I have come in contact with in my shopping. I know that the Arm and Hammer is the same price per ounce as the Purex. Sun is the cheapest at my store, but I have never used the brand at all and was therefore hesitant to purchase it. Dreft is the most expensive product out of all the below listed baby detergents at my store. If anyone has personal experience with these products