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Homemade Baby Food Recipes

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Save money and give your baby the best by making homemade baby food recipes! We are here to help make the process of making baby recipes simple and fun. Start your baby off with healthy habits to last a lifetime by providing them with homemade food.  Browse hundreds of baby food recipes for your baby’s first year and beyond. Watch videos on how to make our baby recipes. Start giving your little one the best by making and serving our baby recipes today!

Making baby recipes for your little one protects them from harmful additives such as nitrates, artificial coloring, and preservatives including BHA, BHT, and TBHQ. In addition to protecting your baby from the unnatural additives, you save a great deal of money making your own homemade baby food. For example, buying store bought organic food costs on average $1.40 for a 4 ounce jar. Making the same amount at home costs about $.30. Store bought non-organic food costs about $1.05 per 4 ounce jar. Making the same amount at home averages to about $.25. Over a cumulative period of time, that adds up to a lot of savings!

Making your own baby food gives you the ability to know everything that your baby is consuming. Making our baby recipes is indeed simple and fun. You do not have to make food every day, but instead you can freeze food in mass quantities for consumption at a later date. This site has information on everything you need to know to be successful in your endeavors to make baby recipes. Learn how to puree, freeze, and thaw foods. Become educated on topics pertaining to baby health and wellness. Have access to hundreds of baby food recipes. Peruse our daily photo gallery and much more on